Mitch Coggin, M.Div, PCC

Presbyterian Church (USA) Minister of
Word and Sacrament 
Transitional Ministry Education Teaching Faculty, Montreat Conference Center, and MALT (Synods of Mid-America and Lincoln Trails)






My practice of coaching involves:

  • A relationship which:
    • helps persons identify greatest personal and professional challenges
    • guides in developing new clarity of dreams and multiple ways of realizing those dreams
  • A process that will Identify new tools and develop new habits:
    • to leave burnout behind and live with a deeper purpose
    • to examine worn out assumptions that are no longer helpful

As a result of the coaching process, my clients indicate they have been able:

  • to identify new tools and partnerships never before envisioned
  • to make strategic plans and become accountable for the implementation of those plans

My coaching depends upon the assistance of the Holy Spirit helping the individual and the coach to name and identify possibilities that have never before been identified, spoken or done.


Coaching For


Who You Are:

  • First call pastors
  • Pastors in transition

What You Are Experiencing:

  • Confusion about role/responsibilities
  • Feel like a victim in conflict situations
  • Find yourself saying things like:
    • “I know I should be happy, but…” 
    • “I often feel bullied or victimized by members who blame the pastor”
    • “They never taught me “THIS” in seminary”

How My Coaching Can Help:

  • Creating and maintaining clear boundaries
  • Establishing self-care practices 
  • Developing authentic pastoral Identity
  • Becoming self-differentiated



Who You Are:

  • Mid-Council Executives
  • Denominational Leaders
  • Congregational Leaders

What You Are Experiencing:

  • Uncertainty about a new leadership role (executives, etc.)
  • Feel overwhelmed – as though you are being asked to “sip water from a fire hose!”
  • Find yourself saying things like:
    • “I feel that I should be expected to know __________…” (everything!)

How My Coaching Can Help:

  • Defining balance in the face of multiple internal/external expectations
  • Learning to balance the roles of Prophet, Pastor, and Executive
  • Greater Self-differentiation
  • Making critical choices between Technical or Adaptive Leadership situations


Who You Are:

  • Churches in transition (between pastors)
  • Churches nearing the end of congregational life

What You Are Experiencing:

  • How do we determine a new identity and direction after the pastor leaves?
  • What are the steps in finding a new pastor?
  • Find yourselves saying things like:
    • “We are out of ideas and almost out of money”
    • “What kind of legacy would we like to leave should we cease to exist within the foreseeable future?”

How My Coaching Can Help:

  • Define a new identity without the last Pastor as the leader

  • Work through the transitional process in finding a new minister (Mission Study, Forming a Search Committee, etc.)

  • Define a potential future for a church building or remaining monies for a church that closes.

Client Testimonials


In my coaching sessions, Mitch give me the space, structure, and permission to verbalize where I believe I’m thriving and where I’m struggling, and I find that enormously helpful.

It’s not magic, or some proprietary system. Often times after identifying a challenge in a session, I find I’m already holding the tools to address it. Mitch just reminds me I have them and how they work.

The accountability my coaching sessions with Mitch provide is so important. I’m forming habits that re-form the way I do my work and ministry.


Mitch enabled me in setting boundaries and “coaching” me into what ministry is all about. Having the ability to set my own agenda, being given the power to reflect deeply and most importantly, learning to be accountable to myself were great gains I made in coaching. I believe that this experience was not only formative for me and my ministry, but my sense of call and my passion for serving the church were sharply honed and have become vital tools that in many ways are as important as what I learned in seminary. 

New York

There is a poem by Adrienne Rich that begins, “Either you will go through this door or you will not go through. If you go through there is always the risk of remembering your name.” In my work with Mitch I encountered many such thresholds; and in each case his deep listening, astute questions, sage reframing, gentle prodding, and prayerful presence gave me what I needed to cross over and helped me back to the liberating and reassuring truth of my own “name.” 

 Over time, Mitch’s coaching enabled me to quiet the noise in my own head and to reconnect with what was truly most important to me. Mitch helped me both to find permission in my own heart to attend to the parts of my calling that made me feel most alive; and to identify, anticipate, and counteract the recurring obstacles that were getting in my way and adversely impacting others. 

 Mitch became for me an indispensible partner – collaborating and journeying with me as I lived into my own leadership style, devised new systems and strategies to organize my work, sought new forms of support to bolster my limitations, and began to turn some of my loftiest and most daunting dreams into concrete plans and actions. 

 It would be difficult to overstate the positive impact of Mitch’s coaching on my life. I will be forever grateful.


Being coached has changed my life. I have learned: how to lead a more balanced life; to become more intentional about formulating plans and goals; new tools for thinking creatively; productive ways for more positive mental conversations with myself; how to make better decisions; and have developed greater confidence and courage. I am happier, healthier, and more productive with Mitch as my coach.